The Passage of H.J.R 22-11, HS1

Office of Rep. Sheila Babauta Jan 26 2 min read

Representative Sheila Babauta issued the following statement regarding the passage of House Joint Resolution 22-11 – To oppose any government’s actions related to nuclear testing, storage, and waste disposal in the Pacific, and reaffirm everyone’s fundamental right to a safe and healthy living environment:

“I want to begin by thanking my colleagues in the House and most recently the Senate who voted to advocate for a safe and healthy environment. This resolution demonstrates that despite our political differences there are key issues where we must work together. Nuclear activity – especially the dumping of nuclear waste in the Pacific Ocean – is an existential threat to all of us in the Marianas and globally. I also want to thank the Japanese Consulate Kazuhiko Ono for his input about the resolution as well as others who shared their thoughts.”

“This resolution details the history and current nuclear actions of other countries that have disproportionately impacted us Pacific peoples. Knowing this history and these current events is critical to tackling this issue and those like it. Issuing our position on this controversial issue will help raise awareness in the Marianas, increase dialogue across the Pacific, and support organizations who work on nuclear policy and oppose the plans to discharge.”

“My hope moving forward is to engage in more dialogues on directly addressing the future of nuclearism in our community on both state, regional, and federal levels. Additionally, I hope this resolution provides further support for the many grassroot movements, nonprofits, and non-governmental agencies around the globe who are fighting for our environment and the health and wellbeing for us all.”


Representative Sheila J. Babauta introduced House Joint Resolution 22-11 on September 23, 2021. The full House then adopted the resolution on October 29, 2021 where it was then move to the Senate for consideration. On December 15, 2021 it was then adopted by the Senate. The Office of Representative Sheila J. Babauta was then given a physical commemorative copy of the resolution on January 10, 2022.

Sheila Jack Babauta